Cleveland Clinic: The Littlest Superhero

commercial editor


Clio Awards: Branded Entertainment & Content: Health & Wellness

The One Show Award: Health and Wellness: Film

Festival of Media North America Awards: Best Campaign for Pharma & Healthcare

CNN Courageous Studios contacted me to edit a stand-alone short film around the story of Eviatar, a young boy whose epilepsy was cured by cutting-edge medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, for a few awards opportunities — which we won! I really enjoyed crafting this short out of already-existing episodes that Courageous did as a mini series for the Cleveland Clinic and Hulu. The series was edited by Richard Butterworth, John O'Hara, Charlotte Savage, Margot Roth, and Lindsey Cordero. Although I shaped this specific story, they laid all of the groundwork, editing the series from which I pulled the footage and sequences. I also had help from editor Elaine Casap on this specific edit. 

Role: Co-Editor

Director: Mahala Gaylord

Production company: CNN Courageous

Client: Cleveland Clinic